About Unlikely Origins

(This page is a work-in-progress. Isn't everything?)

Thanks for checking out Unlikely Origins: A Computer Geek, a Writer, and an Opinionated Toddler Form a Family! 

I'm twenty-seven. He's forty-five. This ain't the first rodeo for either of us.* He's an historian, former military police,  and current professional computer geek. I'm an editor with a master's degree,  a (high-maintenance!) toddler, and a penchant for going off on feminist rants at every opportunity. We met online when we least expected it. We love each other.

This blog is our attempt to document the way an unlikely family came together, bumps in the road and all. We celebrate imperfect parenting, the way toddlers make you want to throw them out the window and squeeze them tight all at the same time, and the way life drives you to the edge before finally giving you what you need.

See our first post, GREEN BEANS, for our official introduction/welcome note. 

This blog is PR friendly.  If you're interested in having Unlikely Origins host a review or giveaway, please contact us at unlikelyorigins (at) gmail (dot) com.

*Years ago, my response to the "who you would like to meet?" question on a social networking site was "someone who, during casual conversation, will tilt their head knowingly and say, 'this ain't my first rodeo.'" Guess who totally did that during one of our early-ish dates? Yep.