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Our aim is not to cram affiliate or referral links down the throats of our readers. Instead, we'll list them here, and if you're interested in signing up with one of the following websites or offers -- terrific! You'll get access to awesome programs/sites/sales and we'll get referral credit! If you're not? Eh. We'll only love you a little less ;-)

My favorite rewards site is Swagbucks.  I spend *maybe* two minutes a day there doing searches -- just long enough to earn some "swagbucks," then every couple weeks I cash my swagbucks points in for Amazon giftcards. I've used Swagbucks for about a year and a half now and I've gotten close to $200 in Amazon credit. Not too bad :-) If you sign up through our link, we'll get matching points for your first few months of searching there. It's 100% free and it's easy.

RueLaLa is an invite only shopping site with amazing (limited time/quantity) deals. I'm a (relatively new) runner and scored a nice new pair of Reebok trail running shoes there for eight bucks! Their deals change daily, so it's worth signing up for an account and waiting until something you're interested in pops up.

The Foundary is another site with great deals that change daily. Some are higher-end things, some are quite affordable. (The good deals often sell out quickly, and registered members/subscribers get the first heads-up on new deals!)

Ideeli is another daily deal site. (Getting tired yet?) I can vouch for this one, too -- every few days something really awesome (and cheap!) pops up here. Register now and be ready!

Ebates  is one of my favorite sites, since you don't have to buy anything you weren't already planning on (it's not a limited-time-deal site -- but if you were already going to make a purchase through Old Navy or Walmart or about a zillion other stores, clicking through this link will help get you a nice cash-back check for no extra effort!)

And finally, Groupon. You're probably already registered there, but if not, consider signing up through our link? Daily (some local, some national) deals in coupon form.