Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Not At All Wordless Wednesday!

Ignore my gross hand, ya'll. Focus on the ring!

Bob proposed on Saturday.

We had dropped K off at his sister's house for her first overnight away from home (our little girl is growing up!) and we stopped at the new house afterward. He said he wanted to check something out in the back, so we walked up the little hill together, where we could look out over the stream and the woods.

Where he got down on one knee. And brought out the (gorgeous) ring.

It. Was. Perfect.

I said yes, then called him a jerk (or maybe it was the other way around?) because he'd done a very thorough job of convincing me that this was actually *not* going to happen that weekend. And because I'm totally sweet and romantic like that. Ahem.

Aaaanyway, post-initial-surprise/stumbling-over-my-own-feet-because-I-was-so-focused-on-the-ring ("I don't think you should drive with that on," Bob said. "You're going to get distracted and veer off the road,") we high-tailed it to Ann Arbor where we had reservations here. (Going to restaurants without a toddler in tow is awesome, by the way. No crayons or chocolate milk in sight!)  We had a table right by the window, and everything was delicious. There was sashimi. There was awesome (cooked!) fish. There was rice in pyramid form. (Bob SQUASHED my pyramid-o-rice, and I was so incredulous over it that the manager brought me another pyramid. "I didn't want to see your fun ruined," he said. Ten points for you, manager dude. No points for you, fiancĂ©!) There was also chocolate-covered-chocolate for dessert. I didn't even think about calories once, that's how good everything was.

And then? Then there was hot tubbing under the stars, complete with cheesy love songs. Swoon. 

Maybe the best part of the night was that we got to sleep for as long as we wanted with NO BABY CRASHING OUR BED. (Thanks again, Bob's sister!) 

Not a bad weekend at all ;-)


  1. Wonderful! Wouldn't want you living in sin.

    Is that a sapphire or just a really blue diamond? (If it's not a diamond) I love nontraditional engagement rings! (If it is a diamond) . . . it's still beautiful!

  2. Katie: No, we wouldn't want the house struck by lightning. Especially when there's a child involved.

    The center stone is aquamarine, I think? Diamonds on the side. Hopefully mined by armless slave children somewhere in Africa. The bloodier the better, I say!

    Ashley: Thank you! (I just realized you had a second blog recently. I like it!)

  3. OMG, your post made me tear up! How romantic :) Congrats girl, the ring is amazing!!

  4. Oh, congratulations! I am so happy for you!

  5. Thanks T :-)

    I'm kind of over the moon about it!

  6. Congratulations! Sounds like Bob fared better than I did with his proposal. When I proposed to my wife back in 2003 I inadvertantly asked, "Can I be your wife?" instead of "Will you be my wife?"

  7. how wonderful that you got engaged! your ring is just beautiful! :) thanks for linking up a post today! :)

  8. Congratulations...and best wishes for a wonderful future together!


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