Thursday, December 2, 2010

Toddler Goofiness

(There isn't any actual substance here, just fluff. Fair warning!)

Is it horribly gloomy and cold right now where you live? It sure is here. On a happier note, K is working her cute toddler mojo hard enough today that she's counteracting at least a little of the winter blahs.

This morning, upon waking up:
K: "Where's Daddy?"
Me: "Daddy went to work."
K: "Oh. I was sleeping."

On the way to the store to grab a missing dinner ingredient, I noticed that she had a look of intense concentration on her face. A look that usually means she's working on a. . . diaper surprise.
Me: "What are you doing, K?"
K: (In a strained voice through clenched teeth) "I'm trying to stay warm!"

A short while later at the checkout, I was putting the groceries up on the counter when Ms. K snagged a piece of candy from the display, snuck around me, handed it to the cashier for her to scan, and then took it back and started walking towards the exit. I didn't notice any of this until I looked to see what the people in the next checkout line were laughing about. (I'm an attentive mother.) I was impressed enough that I let her keep it. If you want strawberry Mentos (?!) that badly, K, then by all means, enjoy 'em. (This is a more sophisticated candy-acquiring technique, as she used to be a fan of the "bite through the wrapper so mom HAS to buy it" strategy.)

Now she's wearing the bowl that her orange slices were in on her head as a hat. It's tough times in the Unlikely Origins household -- we can't afford both Mentos AND winter gear, so it's a good thing she's learned to improvise.


  1. Kids have such a great way to entertain themselves, and us, at the same time don't they? While grocery shopping, my son never asks for candy (he did, however, learn the word 'chocolate' this past Halloween. Ugh!) but he will scream until he gets an apple to gnaw on as I finish up my shopping. I give in everytime because it keeps him quiet (is that blackmail?!) This morning we went to Super Target, where he saw so many goodies that I ended up opening half the packages in the cart just to keep them happy. Until we got to the check out counter, when I said NO to something. Then carrots and pretzels were thrown all over the place. I've uttered the words "I'm sorry" to cashiers than to anyone else in my life.

  2. lol, just another thing for me to look forward to? thanks for stopping by


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