Monday, December 20, 2010

Warning Signs

I'm considering putting a deadbolt on my bedroom door. Not to prevent middle-of-the-night bed crashing. (K has actually only come out of her room ONCE during the night this last week! That's amazing! I'm probably jinxing it here but I needed to share that Christmas miracle with you.) No. I think I need a lock for personal protection. Self-preservation. Whatever you want to call it.

K and I were in the car the other day. I was driving. She was playing with one of those God-Forsaken charming baby dolls that make noise. This particular one makes a sucking and gurgling sound (again, charming) like it's working on a pacifier or bottle.

K calls out from the backseat, "Baby choking! Baby choking!"

"I don't think the baby is choking, K. She's trying to suck on a pacifier. A binky. That's not choking."

At this point I'm still keeping my eyes on the road, because I am an attentive driver. (Ha!)

"No, Mom. LOOK! Baby choking! Look, mom!"

I look. She's sitting there, tiny toddler hands THROTTLING THE NECK OF HER BABY DOLL.

At this point I'm mostly amused. I've wanted to choke the life out of that particular doll before, too. I try not to laugh and instead explain why we don't, uh, choke babies.

Everything is quiet for a few minutes. Then I hear it again. "Look, mom. Baby choking!"

I think, okay, let's try a different tactic. "Why would you want to choke your baby? Why would you want to do that to Baby . . . What is that baby's name?" (K is an eclectic doll-namer, and has characters ranging from the mundane "Baby Sue" to the more colorful "Baby Dar-Dar" to one that's just called Baby Baby.)

K: "Baby Karinya [my last name]."

YOU GUYS. My daughter was not only enthusiastically choking a baby, but a baby who happens to share my FULL NAME.

I'm afraid of my toddler. If there's another long period of silence here on the blog, you might want to send someone over to do a welfare check.


  1. I am laughing so hard I am crying! I can just see her in the back seat.....Does she need to come stay with aunt sue for a while? LOL

  2. 'ROTFLMAO' does not even begin to say it.

  3. I went to New Orleans when I was in high school and brought a voodoo doll back for my little brother Tommy, who was five at the time.

    I explained what a voodoo doll was, and how it worked. He said, "Cool! I'm going to call it Stephanie Eve Boone."

  4. Too funny! My 14-month old has taken to stroking the back of my hand very sweetly, then, when I'm not paying attention, hauling off and smacking the crap out of my arm, while laughing hysterically.

    This seems like something I should be paying more attention to, no?

  5. Tara, I've had similar experiences. Like when I hold my son and he snuggles into the crook of my neck, sighing his 2-year-old sighs, so content until....he takes a *huge* chunk out of my shoulder with those baby teeth. And then laughes. And then tries to do. it. again! REALLY?!


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