Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mostly Wordless Wednesday, Now With. . .

America's Toughest Toddler Trainer!

She looks sweet, right?

That's just because the workout hasn't begun yet. She doesn't want to hear your excuses!

We want reps! Now! Fast! Do you want flabby arms for your wedding, mom? Didn't you just buy a (gorgeous) sleeveless gown? DO IT! Pain is just fear leaving the body!

Also, please try to look as cute and fashionable as I do when exercising. It's really the only way to be.

*I have lost an entire person  a significant amount of weight in the last ten months or so. Usually when people ask my method I'll mumble something about single motherhood/distraction/grilled chicken/running/having my butt handed to me by Jillian Michaels DVDs. But today I'm coming clean. It happened because I have America's Toughest Toddler Trainer on my case 24/7. (Anyone want to sign her for a DVD series/TV show/book deal?) In case you think I'm kidding, she carries around my 15 pound kettlebell. FOR FUN. She only weighs 30 pounds, guys!

Send me strength, blog readers. And lean protein. I'm going to need it.


  1. she is adorable!
    congrats on the weightloss!!!!

  2. Yay..congratulations! Kudos to you and your, I mean princess!


  3. Love it! She's going to be a serious athlete! Glad she got you into shape :) No, seriously, she is adorable and she looks like she is having such fun. I can't believe she carried that 15 pounder around! My 3 year old weighs 32 pounds soaking wet and can't pick up my fat old 14 pound cat. It could have something to do with his snapping jaws of evil=ness. I'd drop him quickly, too.

  4. You need to share your weight loss secrets (besides your tough-as-nails trainer). That could be a whole blog on it's own! You're a rock star!


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