Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Pseudoscorpion Edition

OK, not really wordless. I do have one word for this picture. EEEEWWW.

Snagged from Animaloid.

I found one of these charming little buggers climbing on the wall upstairs when I went to workout tonight. After a quick smush with some toilet paper (I know, I know. I don't like bugs inside. I'm trying to be a better person but --) I took it downstairs to Bob, who I looked to for confirmation that this was not, in fact, a bloodsucking monster waiting to kill us in our sleep. "What is it?" I asked. 
"I don't know," he said, innocently. 
"WHAT IS IT? FIND OUT. GET TO GOOGLING." Sometimes I am bossy. I'm also paranoid, so it's a better idea that someone else do the googling.

By the time the workout video was over, Bob had flexed his bug-identification muscles and declared that it was a "totally harmless" pseudoscorpion. Sounds nice and cuddly, right? He repeated the words "harmless" and "beneficial" about twenty times in the next ten seconds. (Have I mentioned I'm paranoid? And not a fan of BUGS IN THE HOUSE?)

Does the presence of one mean there are probably more in the house? (Yes.) Are they venomous? (Yes, but they are so tiny that they couldn't pierce human skin if they tried.) How big do they get? (Apparently in these parts they stay 3mm or less, which in my frenzied state I demanded that he translate "into American.*" I can't handle the metric system when I'm in panic mode, people!) 

(OK, this picture shows how tiny they actually are. I may be a bit prone to overreacting.) 
Snagged from this site.
Whatever. I am still Not. A. Fan. 

*I'm not really retarded, I promise. I was 97% kidding here.


  1. Ewwww, ok, anything with the word "scorpion" involved would immediately make me scream like a 2 year old girl. So you're not alone K! Yuck! Thank lawd you have your hubby to be the official bug identifier/squasher!

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  3. She was especially happy to find out that they feed on dust mites.

    "Like on our SKIN?" she said.
    "No, like in dust on the floor," I reply.
    Karinya is now staring at me like this was all MY fault

    I went back to watching Bizzare Foods and minding my own business.

  4. It's true.

    I stand by my claim of not being retarded, though!

  5. Haha...This was super fun! We enjoy identifying bugs we find in the yard and house...of course, I'm also a big fan of spraying for bugs/spiders four times a year.



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