Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

We went from this:
Saturday night living room dance party complete with costumes, wigs, hats, and craziness to spare!

to this:

Stomach flu --> vomiting blood --> severe dehydration = THUMBS DOWN.

in about 36 hours. We spent some quality time in the hospital (about 27 hours!) and are finally home, but oof: what a week!

On a much happier and completely unrelated note, if you're not already reading Jennifer at Midwest "Mom"ents, you probably should start! It's a lovely blog and we just won a fun giveaway from her! Also, in that spirit, we're going to be having another giveaway here at Unlikely Origins in the near future (assuming, of course, that we can stay out of the "hostable" for a while!) so stay tuned!


  1. Amazing how that thing hits so fast and so hard! We have dealt with it twice since Christmastime... no fun :( It did clear my kids pretty darn quickly though... seemed like a 24- or 36-hour thing. Hope all are feeling well now!

  2. aww, hope your house is getting better...
    we had the bug last week...
    A WHOLE week


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