Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello, Weekend. How YOU Doin'?

Blizzards, doctor's offices, and a heavy workload: oh my! This is one week I'm not sad to see go.

I'm hopeful that the weekend will be better. K seems to have (mostly) rebounded from ColdOfDoom 2K11. She's still a little . . . snotty (and I mean that in every possible way) but she's left Zombieland and has returned to business as usual: today she ran laps around the house, naked, pushing her shopping cart and yodeling at the same time. Ah, to be a toddler.

After devoting the first half of the week to nursing duties, I finally got caught up on my actual OhYeahIHaveAJob work. Tall stack of manuscripts & playing catch-up & having to delicately deliver (a lot of) bad news to some clients = one huge sigh of relief when I closed my work e-mail window for the week earlier today.

Also? The house is cleanish. (Cleanish is about as good as we can hope for these days.) K took a long nap this afternoon after I finished my work, and while there's (always!) more to be done: the laundry is put away, the floors have been cleaned, all important/food prep surfaces are clean, and the dishes are done. I call that a win. Um, just don't go into the bathroom.

Now K is doing her best to lure mice into the house by leaving little crumbles of cheese curds all over the newly washed floor, and we're (kind of) watching Shrek, and not too long ago she told me, "Mom, I love you too much." So, yeah. Things are better.

Still, I'm itching for some time that doesn't include diapers or animation or, well, work. Which is why my Saturday, I'm hoping, will be full of this:

Bob, you're going to take K out for some father/daughter bonding time tomorrow, right? :-)

It's National Delurking Day, guys! If you read this blog, please leave a little comment to say hi, and tell me: what are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Hi Karinya. Here's my delurking confession: I read your blog, usually late in the afternoon at work when my boss has gone home and I'm burned out on doing actual work. Thanks for keeping me entertained.
    My plan for this weekend also involves bathroom cleaning, as well as seeing a movie at IU's new spectacular and free cinema, and going to the eye doctor. My boss asked if I wanted to work on MLK Day and I said "I'm not dying to" so I'll be enjoying a 3-day weekend in spite of work's small effort to thwart it.


  2. Hey you crazy lot! I love this blog, and I love love LOVE the beautiful energy your entire little family exudes!

    My weekend could be a choose-your-own-(non)adventure novella:

    Scenario 1: I get off my arse & walk the dog, put away the clean dishes in the dishwasher, load the dirty ones and clean up the kitchen, including throwing out a bunch of stuff that's gone sour in the fridge. Followed by laundry, housecleaning, taking out the trash, then paying bills. This ambitious scenario also involves me actually doing some cooking.

    Scenario 2: The more likely one: I will basically sleep until noon, then sit on the couch watching TV & playing on the innerwebz, nearly dying of boredom & self-flagellation about all the crap I *should* be doing. Oh, and I'll probably eat a bunch of junk food crap, or eat out too much. Maybe even a little retail-therapy in my quest to find some origami paper & groceries.

    Yeah, I'm livin' large(ly bored & lonely). :-|

  3. I LOVE naked toddlers running through the house! That sounds wrong. I love my toddler, naked, running through the house...and I'm pleased to hear my kid isn't the only one who does it.:)
    My weekend...Kris is working his 6th night Saturday night (13 hour shifts!) so I'm pretty much just going to do everything in my power to keep functioning till Sunday afternoon.
    Oh, and being a sleep-deprived mom has nothing to do with how much I love your blog.:)

  4. Delurking is kind of like coming out from behind a bush in front of your house where I've been standing, but only looking out into the street, for a little too long. I enjoy reading your blog!

  5. thanks for stopping by my blog..
    our weekends are pretty uneventful! :)

  6. I read this after the weekend, but I will tell you what did happen: we spent the weekend trying to convince our toddler, who is suffering from some mega-infection of the throat, to take liquids, since he will not eat any actual solid food.

    And then I managed two coordinated baby/toddler naps (yesterday and today) and wrote, like, 10 words in my novel. Siiiiiigh.


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