Thursday, January 27, 2011

We're Going to Need More Chocolate

Today when we went to the grocery store, K chose a York Peppermint Patty as her treat. When I put her into her carseat, I asked if I could have a bite. She graciously offered to share, and when I handed it back to her she did a double-take and said, "Whoa, Mom. Big bite. Really big bite." Back off, baby. Mom needs it.

It's been a week since I posted here, guys. A week! Last Friday we were featured on BlogHer and to celebrate our newfound blogosphere superstardom I . . . did nothing. (Ha! Well, that's not true. I did about eight million things. Alas, none of them were blog-related. The real world, much like the baby and her judgment w/r/t the amount of chocolate I put into my mouth at any one time, needs to back the heck off. Got it, real world?)

At any rate: I have almost all of my work-work done for the week, I managed to not fall off the interstate on-ramp today despite the dramatic fashion in which I slipped and slid all the way down it with a toddler going "whee!" in the backseat, a new episode of Parks and Rec is on TV, and we're only hours away from the weekend. Things could be worse.


  1. WOOHOO for the weekend and for the chocolate! Gotta love it! Have a good one K :)

  2. Chocolate makes everything so much better!



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